Revizer – running for charity

We would like to congratulate, prescription thank and praise all our employees who took place in our initiative - 1000 NIS for charity for each employee who finishes the Tel Aviv night run 10km. Amongst the charities donated for, we can list the "Alut association", "


Posted on November 23, 2014, under New at Revizer

Answering Emails After Work Is Bad For Your Health

Email was supposed to free up time in workplace communications: Send some in lieu of an in-person meeting! Work remotely! Take your time crafting one instead of blurting out something stupid! (more…)


Posted on November 13, 2014, under Trends & News

Managing Talent In A Networked Age – Part I

Success in Silicon Valley is all about people — about how companies build lasting alliances with talented teams of entrepreneurial employees. Outsiders sometimes think that recruiting and keeping great people in the Valley requires offering Google-like perks or eye-popping compensation packages. (more…)


Posted on November 9, 2014, under Trends & News

Before You Hire a Designer

Mike Monteiro’s contributions to UX design are wide and varied. His first book, case  Design is a Job inspired us in 2011, drug and his talk “How Designers Destroyed the World” called us to action. Now, link we’re very excited to present an


Posted on October 7, 2014, under Trends & News

What a Difference a Lab Day Makes

Four years ago CauseLabs started setting aside one day every two months for our team to build projects of their own choosing. Little did we know the impact these lab days would have on our company’s internal motivation, our employees’ skillsets, and our ability


Posted on September 7, 2014, under Trends & News

How To Plan And Run A Great Conference Experience

Nothing compares to a good conference: the atmosphere of being immersed in a crowd of people who share the same passion as you, the lessons you learn and advice you take in, and the friends you get to meet and the new ones you make.


Posted on August 19, 2014, under Marketing/Social

Content Marketing: You’re Doing it Wrong

Content marketing is a robust and focused form of marketing, and yet it's all too common for businesses to invest in content marketing and see it fail. Why? Simple: content marketing can't just be done, it needs to be done well. This week, Mike Straus


Posted on August 17, 2014, under Marketing/Social

The Five Deadliest Job Interview Mistakes

A lot of people are confused about job interviews. They think a job interview is like a citizenship exam. They think that if they study hard and give the right answer to each question put to them, everything will be fine. (more…)


Posted on July 9, 2014, under Trends & News

Take A Digital Health Check

Have you ever wondered how digitally healthy the organization where you work at really is? If you’re a freelancer or work at an agency, well, have you thought about the health of your clients? (more…)


Posted on June 24, 2014, under Marketing/Social

11 steps to creating truly awful content

Wouldn’t it be great if someone could simply explain to you the secret to creating great content? Maybe they could walk you through it with just a dozen steps. Thousands of people like you will gravitate toward such an article. (more…)


Posted on June 19, 2014, under Marketing/Social