What is Revizer?

Every developer knows that the key to making it big is taking advantage of every opportunity out there. Revizer has the ability to help developers generate profits they never thought possible with a simple piece of code that can be easily implemented into your software.

Why should I join Revizer?

While many browsers extension reach a wide audience due to their free nature, dosage it is that very nature that hinders their ability generate revenue for software developers. With this in mind Revizer has taken upon itself to improve upon the free model by complementing it with a smart ad placement system that will not get in the way of your user’s online experience whilst increasing your profits across the board.

Once part of the program, you will gain access to a dedicated account manager, competitive commissions, exclusive offers and consistent and timely payments. A clean and transparent working environment is on the top of our priority list.

How much profit can be made with Revizer?

While this largely depends on your daily active user base and their geographic location, we are able to provide an estimation as to the revenue possibilities you can achieve through Revizer. Please contact us for more information.

How can I increase my profits with Revizer?

Revizer presents your users with the most profitable ads. Our ads go through a strict optimization process that will increase your revenues from users

Our service is implemented though a javascript snippet that seamlessly integrates into your software, check achieving maximum efficiency through a tailor-fit addition to your user’s online experience.

Revizer’s ad technology is the product into finding the most effective way of a creating a viable monetization process that offers a great user experience on top of the ability to increase profits.

What are your compliance requirements?

Revizer is a zero-tolerance policy against offensive, page intrusive and adult advertisements on our network. Furthermore, our partners must comply with our ad guidelines.

This guarantees that your users are presented with ads that are not only effective, but are of actual value to the end user.

For more information, please consult our privacy policy.

Developer Sign Up

Email sales@revizer.com to get started.