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How To Plan And Run A Great Conference Experience

Nothing compares to a good conference: the atmosphere of being immersed in a crowd of people who share the same passion as you, the lessons you learn and advice you take in, and the friends you get to meet and the new ones you make.


Posted on August 19, 2014, under Marketing/Social

Content Marketing: You’re Doing it Wrong

Content marketing is a robust and focused form of marketing, and yet it's all too common for businesses to invest in content marketing and see it fail. Why? Simple: content marketing can't just be done, it needs to be done well. This week, Mike Straus


Posted on August 17, 2014, under Marketing/Social

Take A Digital Health Check

Have you ever wondered how digitally healthy the organization where you work at really is? If you’re a freelancer or work at an agency, well, have you thought about the health of your clients? (more…)


Posted on June 24, 2014, under Marketing/Social

11 steps to creating truly awful content

Wouldn’t it be great if someone could simply explain to you the secret to creating great content? Maybe they could walk you through it with just a dozen steps. Thousands of people like you will gravitate toward such an article. (more…)


Posted on June 19, 2014, under Marketing/Social

How to make the most of LinkedIn

Promoting yourself, price your brand, page your products, stomach your services, and your clients via social media is what we’re about here at Socialmedia.biz. Social media marketing is what I have been doing for my clients, my business, and my own brand since


Posted on April 24, 2014, under Marketing/Social

Study: What Makes You Click On A Headline?

The form of the headline for this article — a question headline with “self-referencing cues” (“you”) — is more likely to generate a click than a question-only headline or a pure “declarative” headline. However  the success of question headlines reportedly varies by topic or category. (more…)


Posted on February 17, 2014, under Marketing/Social

You’d Be Surprised By What Really Motivates Users

Earlier this month, price Twitter co-founder Biz Stone unveiled his mysterious startup Jelly. The question-and-answer app was met with a mix of criticism and head scratching. (more…)


Posted on February 9, 2014, under Marketing/Social, Trends & News

Great Tips To Enhance Your LinkedIn Company Page


A great LinkedIn company profile can complement your website and allows you to build a following of professionals who are interested in your products or services. Here are some tips to help you enhance your company page (more…)


Posted on January 27, 2014, under Marketing/Social

30 Secrets to Writing a Killer, Attention-Grabbing Blog Post [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know that companies that regularly blog attract 88% more leads each month than those that don't? What separates the average blog post from a killer one? (more…)


Posted on January 23, 2014, under Marketing/Social, Trends & News

Should you hire a social media community manager?

Hiring someone to both speak and respond as you on social media is not cheating. Think of it as delegation: you can’t be everywhere, pharm all the time. (more…)


Posted on January 14, 2014, under Marketing/Social