Monetize Browser Extensions

Revizer specializes in helping developers monetize browser extensions, turning them into profit makers without ever having to sacrifice the user experience. Our ads are seamlessly integrated into your browser extension to ensure that they never disrupt any of the functionality while providing users with relevant offers.

Generate Higher Revenues

Every developer knows that the key to making it big is taking advantage of every opportunity out there. Revizer has the ability to help developers generate profits they never thought possible with a simple piece of code that can be easily implemented into your software.

Easy to Manage

Using Revizer’s advance tracking system, developers can easily gain insight into every aspect of the marketing effort. Data can be easily sorted and followed, allowing you to view information according to date, geographical locations and many more – providing you with the tools to instantly optimize your income.


Revizer has made it a point to ensure that the end-user experience is never disrupted in the monetization process. We believe that maintaining the user-experience is a key factor in making sure that users do more than just enjoy using your software, they gain access to high-quality offers that are displayed in a thoughtful way.

Industry Compliance

When using Revizer, you are guaranteed to incorporate a safe, clean and respectable component into your software. Any advertiser entering our ad network must comply with strict policies that prevent any questionable content from ever reaching your users. Furthermore, our services are completely transparent, giving you and the user the tools needed to understand where an ad originated and how to remove unsavory content.

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