Industry Standards

We, at Revizer, are committed to ethical standards in provisioning our services to our end users who installs our software applications, and to our partners in provisioning our advertising and promotional services (“Monetization Service(s)”). We carefully select our partners and require them to commit and comply with industry best policies as well.

  • We believe in being transparent to end users by providing them information prior and during any installation of a product and within our services.
  • We provide our services under end users’ consent and permission.
  • Each product or service is accompanied with designated end user license agreement, terms of service and privacy policy to disclose all about our services and data collection practices.
  • We make sure to mark and label any material that is provided by us or our partners in a manner that will make the nature of material clear to the end user.
  • We make sure to provide end users with information about what he sees, why, who are we and how can he opt out from our services.
  • We provide our contact details so end users will be able to contact us with any problem or for any feedback they may have.
User Choices
  • End users are able to choose whether to accept our services or not, at any time in a one click opt out option.
  • We make sure to provide end users with all relevant information about our services and data collection practices so they will be able to make their own decisions and choices,
Strict Guidelines and Policies
  • We carefully select our business partners and obligate all of them to comply with our guidelines which reflect industry standard and applicable regulation.
  • We take great efforts to follow and comply with industry best standards and applicable regulation. We would love to hear your feedback at:

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