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Revizer’s Omri Siri to speak on DevGeekWeek and Open-Stack conference

We are glad to announce that Omri Siri, sickness our Director of operations, will be taking a part in the forthcoming DevGeekWeek and the Open-Stack conference.

Omri is a Linux Expert and Open-source evangelist, with more than 10 years of experience in managing Linux environments; Omri specializes in Openstack, Hadoop and Configuration management in addition to other aspects of operations management.

Omri is a seasoned trainer with over 5 years of experience in presenting and training various Linux courses and seminars. Omri is currently leading the operations team at Revizer where he strives to build and design the next generation of operations and push the limits of existing technology.

DevGeekWeek 2014 conference highlights the most important development topics driving innovation in the developer community. DevGeekWeek 2014 is a 5 days event designed for developers, architects, operation managers, development group managers, QA & test engineers, and anyone involved in the development process. The conference is a unique opportunity for face-to-face communication with experts and top guru speakers who present the latest trends in software development technologies and related field.

Omri will also attend the expert panel in the OpenStack Israel confrence, representing Startups and how they use openstack.

The OpenStack Israel is a local event featuring the latest updates and case studies around OpenStack technology.

Posted on May 25, 2014, under Events, New at Revizer

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