Revizer’s smart ad serving technology is based on internally developed algorithms for maximum efficacy. Ads are screened based on parameters such as country, browser and category and are displayed only to the most relevant audience, generating the highest income possible.


One of the key factors in enabling Revizer’s exponential growth is its advanced BI system. The platform collects and analyzes real-time data from multiple sources, enabling it to make the most effective strategic and operational decisions, detect problems as they occur, create and monitor tests in real-time and much more. The platform monitors the number of unique users, their geographical info, operating systems, browsers, information about the performance of various revenue models, daily browsing time, trends in user behaviors, popular sites, software installations and removals, and much more, all for one purpose – to ensure a greater ability to profit.

User Choices

The optimization module maintains and increases the LTV of software users by analyzing the users’ browsing habits and frequency. It then appropriates the most effective revenue models to ensure continued enjoyment of your software.

Strict Guidelines and Policies

Revizer’s technology allows each developer to create a revenue model that is tailor-fit to user profiles as well as financial and business goals. Revizer’s ad serving platform includes an internally developed reporting system, allowing application developers and Revizer’s team to track how well the current revenue models performs and offer operational and strategic insights in turn. In addition, the reporting system enables each developer to see exactly where they stand in terms of performance and optimize accordingly.

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